While watching videos on YouTube the commercial that played before the video was Old Navy’s Black Friday campaign spot.

The heist-themed ad for Old Navy’s Black Friday sweepstakes features actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus with tied up rapper Snoop Dogg, in an attempt to strip him of a million dollars that he posted on Instagram. The “getaway” driver is Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who tells his accomplice that Old Navy is offering a million dollars to a lucky person in line.

When you’re watching a robbery in your favorite movie or show Snoop Dogg wouldn’t be a victim. This spot invites the idea of the unexpected, so when shoppers go out for deals on Black Friday they will think to go to Old Navy. It makes me think of the conversation we had with Sylvia for orientation. She said we will experience a lot of cognitive dissonance throughout our time in this program. This spot is has a lot of cognitive dissonance in the fact that Snoop Dogg is synonymous with gangster and that an actress and comedian can commit a robbery. I love this campaign! It’s humorous, entertaining and memorable. It has stickiness due to the fact that it was completely unexpected for the Snoop Dogg to be robbed. Check out the spot below:

In 2013 Old Navy with the help of Chandelier Creative through broadcast, radio, print and social media content began repositioning the brand. With this commercial, rather than the usual commercial geared towards their target audience: millennials and parent, they decided to take a different approach. The commercial features a stereotypical robbery injected with some humor. At the end of the spot Snoop Dogg says he should stay off Instagram, which would be a nod to the millennials that post EVERYTHING on social media.

Founder of Chandelier Creative is most proud of the account they have with Old Navy. “On a business level, that would be the reinvigoration of Old Navy this past year. The brand is powering forward and there’s much more ahead. We lucked out, because the new team at Old Navy is very smart and willing to try new things. For a mass retailer with a thousand stores, that’s rare. Our TV ads have consistently produced sales increases, including one that had the best results in 20 years. From a business/financial POV, it’s exciting to see such direct results from my work.”(http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/role-call/role-call-richard-christiansen-founder-co-creative-director)

Chandelier Creative  has created 10 + commercials for Old Navy. Check them out: https://vimeo.com/chandeliercreative/videos/page:1/search:old%20navy/sort:date



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