Almost a year ago to the day Downy debuted a commercial spot following the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.   Many probably raised their eyebrows and clutched their pearls in shock. The spot is a departure from Downy’s traditional advertising, this provocative video touted the benefit of softness in a whole new way and framed Downy as a catalyst for human connection. The spot shows a man and a woman getting intimate—layering on more and more soft clothing as opposed to ripping it off.

When it comes to getting soft, touchable clothing, Downy is an essential part of the laundry routine. Downy instills your fabrics with long-lasting scent and softening molecules that infuses your clothes with long-lasting scent and softening ingredients—making them irresistibly soft and touchable for you and the ones you love.

When you’re watching a love scene in your favorite movie or show it is uncharacteristic for the couple to put clothing on their significant other. This spot invites the idea of the unexpected, so when people see Downy in their local stores they think of the connection that could be fostered with the help of Downy. It makes me think of the conversation we had in one of our first classes about the kidney heist. The concrete details were that they looked happy and in love and were getting ready to have sex. My assumption was so wrong and that’s what makes it memorable.  I love this campaign! It’s memorable and filled with emotions. It has stickiness due to the fact that it was completely unexpected for more and more clothes were added onto each person. The viewer is hit with the whole idea that getting dressed can be just as provocative as getting undressed…as long as your clothes are Downy-fresh. Check out the spot below:

“While this spot may be different than what you’d expect from Downy, it is based on a real human insight — soft, touchable clothes play a role in your connection with others on an emotional and physical level,” said Associate Brand Director – North America Fabric Care, Trevor Thrun.  According to a recent Downy/Harris poll, nearly half of men said it would be sexier if their significant other dressed in clothing that was less revealing to leave something to the imagination. More than 4 in 10 men went a step further to say that jeans and a sweater could be just as sexy as lingerie on their significant other. (http://news.pg.com/press-release/pg-corporate-announcements/new-downy-commercial-encourages-consumers-rip-their-clothes)

Too bad, Downy didn’t continue with a few more risque commercials to raise a few eyebrows.



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