Is your mom current with the slang of the youth such as: On Fleek, bae, af, real talk, twerking, etc.? Barely?

Don’t worry, Hefty may be able to fix that. In April Hefty launched a campaign for Hefty Ultimate Cups with the help of Havas Worldwide Chicago through only Facebook and Youtube. Rather than the usual commercial geared towards their target audience: moms, they decided to take a different approach. The commercials feature the stereotypical mom in a cardigan and khakis, but the mom uses slang to recount the days events.

Think about it. When you’re talking to your mom she usually doesn’t talk about her group of friends as ” the squad”. This campaign invites the idea to think of moms as more than just that. We just had a similar discussion in Brand Management; the companies that experience marketing myopia look at the customer as just the customer, not a employee at at a place of business, a parent, a friend, daughter/son, voter, nature-lover, etc.

I love this campaign! It’s humorous, entertaining and memorable. It has stickiness due to the fact that it was completely unexpected for the moms to use slang. Here’s one of the videos from the campaign, below.

 Hefty says the humor is rooted in a truth that’s rarely addressed in typical CPG marketing-to-mom efforts. “Traditionally mothers are cast in one light: wholesome caregivers for their children. But the reality is moms are much more complex and multifaceted,” says Lynnette Hinch, director of marketing for Hefty Cups. (adweek.com)

“Their social networks are extremely important to them, and time spent with friends is often a welcome escape from the drudgery of daily life,” adds Hinch. “We decided to activate that sense of fun, juxtaposing their routine tasks with recaps of epic ragers from the night before. In essence, we’re giving moms permission to party harder with the ideal party cup from Hefty.”(adweek.com)

So why does this campaign work?
Why did Hefty choose to do this as oppose to it’s traditional commercials they’ve done in the past?
It works because you don’t expect a mom reading a book, putting away groceries or folding laundry to talk about going to a wild party with friends. Similar to the kidney heist story, we had already filled in the details that this mom would speak about how reliable and dependable the Hefty Ultimate Cup is.

Here’s another video from the campaign.  It continues to speak to the theme of unexpectedness. It’s so important to me as a GMCA student to keep in mind the ability to be unexpected because that’s what makes something memorable.

See Hefty’s Youtube Channel for more videos from the campaign. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKE9knzSjBKVNTyOilFoOSA


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