Charlotte Henry Feature Story

Charlotte Henry like many students that have chosen their many students had a plan for what she wanted from her collegiate experience as a psychology major. In the time nearing to graduation she wasn’t entirely sure if psychology was her true calling.  It was too late to change majors and that feeling was just anxiousness as graduation approached and adulthood loomed.

Henry received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Dillard University, and then went on to work towards her masters in psychology.

According to the Charlotte Aquarius website:

The Charlotte Aquarius brand spawned from a series of unlikely events and a lifetime of learning to trust the voice within.  Charlotte Aquarius Henry is a native of New Orleans, LA.  While pursuing a B.A. in psychology, she discovered an interest in fashion and design.  She spent most of her free time creating unique items, painting and decorating for family and friends.

It wasn’t until the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that she found the courage to abandon an M.A. in Psychology and focus on her dreams of design. She began the Industrial Design program at Auburn University, in 2006, and the rest is history.

Charlotte spent a lot of her free time making jeans, skirts and shorts for friends and sketching shoes.  But it wasn’t until she reached graduate school for psychology that she realized she was born to design things. Henry said, “I knew it was what I needed to do with my life.”

Following her calling she opened Charlotte Aquarius after receiving a degree in industrial design from Auburn University.  “Listening to the voice within pushed me to keep going,” said Charlotte.

Charlotte Aquarius founder Charlotte Henry says the core mission of her Charlotte Aquarius label is “to inspire women through self love. … In today’s world, women are constantly being told who they are, what’s beautiful and where to look for inspiration. No one’s really bothering to nurture what’s inside. We take inspirational words, quotes, and phrases, that we collect, and instill them into our handbags

During an American Marketing Association (AMA) meeting Charlotte took the time to speak to the members offering them words of wisdom and telling her story. “Hopefully more people can learn to listen to that voice within and follow their dreams, said Henry.

Jasmine Walker, Dillard student and owner of Lip Love Cosmetics found Charlotte’s story and advice  inspirational and helpful. “It is a reminder that all the hard work will pay off,” said Walker.

With support from mentors and other entrepreneurs in the program, she is now developing a business plan and marketing the brand through her website and social media.

She has already designed her first handbag line. What remains is getting the materials, hiring seamstresses, and producing a limited run of 2,250 bags to be sold online and in local boutiques.

“Currently, I do everything myself. I am open to helping students get the experience because I need help marketing and raising awareness throughout the city,” said Henry.

Henry is competing in The Big Idea pitch contest for the chance to win $25,000.

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